Clever Ways Celebrities Have Made Their Clothes Multifunctional
When it comes to clothes, each piece is tailored to a specific body part: pants for legs, shoes for feet, shirts for your torso and so on. But what if they don’t have to be that way? Well, according to celebrities such as Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski, clothes can be multifunctional and live beyond the cut-and-dry section they were found in the department store.

To inspire you to multipurpose your wardrobe, we’ve rounded up ways that celebrities have mastered the art of multifunctional clothes. From Rihanna turning a skirt into a vest to Ratajkowski wearing a bikini as a shirt, these stars are seriously creative, and even if multifunctional fashion isn’t your thing, you’re sure to be impressed.


Rihanna—Skirt as a Vest

Denim on denim is nothing new. But when Rihanna wore a denim skirt as a vest, we took notice. In May 2018, the singer taught us to think outside the box when she stepped out in a half-buttoned denim skirt, which, instead of wearing around her waist, she wore a few inches higher around her bust as a vest-like crop top. Of course, to keep the over-the-top theme going, Rihanna paired her skirt with a slip from her Fenty x Savage lingerie line and a pink feather-lined coat.




Emily Ratajkowski—Bikini Top as a Shirt

Ratajkowski is the proud owner of her own swimsuit line, Inamorata Swim, so naturally, she would take to the streets to promote her baby. Though there are plenty of pictures of her in bikinis on her Instagram, Ratajkowski surprised fans when she wore one of her bikini tops—a blue-and-white polka-dot top with ruffled sleeves—out and about. The model paired the look with a denim skirt and classic white sneakers. Though wearing swimsuits as streetwear isn’t new, Ratajkowski definitely elevates the combination from beyond what’s appropriate for the beach.

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Kendall Jenner—Lingerie as a Swimsuit Coverup

Jenner made total sense when she wore a black slip as a swimsuit coverup for a boat ride in July. Lingerie and swimsuits are often thought of in the same category, with many lingerie companies designing swimsuits and vice versa. So it makes sense that Jenner would use her see-through slip as a makeshift swimsuit coverup to show her bikini but not reveal it entirely.

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Bella Hadid—Robe as a Dress

Robes are oh-so comfortable, so it comes as no surprise that Hadid would turn the hotel staple into a cocktail dress when she stepped out in this robe dress after New York Fashion Week in February 2018. Though it’s possible that Hadid cut out the shoulder by herself, it’s likely that the dress is a design (and not an actual robe.) However, the sentiment is still there, and if you want to see a celebrity actually wear a robe out, Rihanna does so masterfully.

Bella Hadid



Camila Cabello—Scarf as a Shirt

As Teen Vogue reported, Cabello wore a scarf as a shirt for a vacation with her rumored boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, in Barcelona in June. Pictures show Cabello in an oversized white printed silk scarf, which she folded in half to make a triangle and tied around her torso to make a shirt. Clever and totally appropriate for a summer vacay.



Rihanna—Skirt as a Belt

Rihanna is the master of making her clothes multifunctional. In May 2018, the singer again took denim-on-denim to another level when she wore a denim skirt as a belt over another denim skirt. (Mind blown.) The smaller skirt was by Ben Taverniti-Unravel Project, which—spoiler alert—designed the piece to be worn as an accessory, rather than as its own skirt. Still, Rih’s outfit made us think about other ways skirts could be multipurposed.

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Beyoncé—Purse as a Fanny Pack

Bey shown a new light on fanny packs when she wore a purse to resemble one in October 2017. In a #OOTD on her Instagram, the singer can be seen in a cropped sweatshirt with a pencil skirt and a purse secured around her waist as a fanny pack. It’s unclear if the bag is meant to be worn that way, but from the looks of it, it could work both around Bey’s waist and over her shoulder as a standard bag depending on how long the strap is. Clever thinking, Bey.

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Kylie Jenner—Sweatshirt as a Crop Top

When Jenner cut off 80 percent of her sweatshirt and wore it as a crop top on her Instagram, she faced a lot of controversy. Instead of your usual crop top, Jenner’s gray printed sweater fell above her bust, lying closer to her neck. She also kept the sleeves. Though the look isn’t for everyone (obviously), it was still a genius way to repurpose a ratty sweatshirt that she might not have been wearing into something that definitely started a conversation.

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